The Volees

January 12, 2018 7:00 pm

We are excited to host a formal banquet to honor our adult volunteers!
If you have served during 2017, we want to celebrate you and what you do!
The following areas are ways you might have served:
Taught a Sunday School class Served on a ministry team (ex: Praise Team, Safety Team, First Impressions) Took on a work project around the church Worker for Youth or Children’s Ministry AWANA Ushers

Please RSVP by December 31st for this celebration event by dropping this card into the offering plate with the following information:

Name(s):  _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Area(s) served:  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Time serving in that capacity:  _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Celebration Banquet for the adult Volunteers of Temple Baptist Church

Elevate Teens will serve for tips that will go towards camp

Childcare will be provided