I saw the other day on the news where a man had been attacked by a dog while riding his bicycle. The wounds looked terrible. Big holes in his leg where flesh had been torn out by this animal. The way it looked it will take months for this to heal with the best of care. It was a terrible thing to happen to anyone.

As I was thinking about this I was reminded about how people tear at each other. While watching all the political ripping and tearing attacks I was thinking that wounds must be very deep and ugly from words that are spoken about each other, and then was wondering about how long it would take for that to heal.

The same is true among families, churches, and Christian friends. If you are attacked by a dog and are left with giant holes where flesh once was, you must go to the doctor or hospital and get immediate help. You must go to someone who knows how to address this matter and not go to just anyone and share your experience. You need to go where you can be healed. You need to go to someone who is a part of the solution.

Today many people are going around with holes torn in their hearts and have not gone to someone who knows how to share truth and to help them heal.

This is what I call a wound that won't heal. Bitterness, anger, hatred, and revenge only damages the person who carries it and the wound will never heal. No one wants to live with wounds like this, but many choose to because they don’t want to go to the doctor or someone who can be a part of the solution.

Left uncared for--these wounds cannot heal.

Attitude has much to do with healing. If I am unwilling to release care for my wound to someone who can help me because of my attitude, I am nursing a wound that will not heal. If I really want healing and if I really want to live in peace and health again I must extend grace and mercy to the one who hurt me. Grace and mercy is the medicine that will heal any hurt, while vengeance will never let it heal.

Yours for a healthy life.

Don Elmore

Senior Pastor